“Stephen, Great job today – thank you. Taina and I both agree that you should have your own HGTV show. You have quite a presence!
Seriously though… Although our experience in these matters is limited, you certainly presented yourself as attentive and professional, and we thank you for that. We trust your evaluation…Thanks for your advice, and best of luck with Talon! We’d happily recommend you to our friends and peers!
-Steve S, M.D.”

“Thanks again  Steve!   May you continue to  have good luck with your company and be prosperous for many years to come !  -Kami”

“Steve, Thanks so much for everything today. You will be recommended by us and the realtor in the future for sure. Thanks again for being so thorough and answering all our questions! -David”

“Hi Stephen, You did a home inspection for us a couple years ago and discovered an underground oil tank that really saved our behinds! We just had an offer accepted on another house with a very aggressive closing date of 4/29. We would love if you could do another home inspection for us. Please contact us as soon as you can. Best, Tom and Gretchen (and soon our first baby!) -Thomas”

“Hi Steve, With all the activity around buying our new house this slipped away from me – but I wanted to thank you and commend you on such a thorough and detailed inspection. I’m especially grateful, too, for the extra information on upgrades to systems and maintenance, and the inclusion of photos makes a huge difference to remembering all of the many little matters to attend to. I’m certainly going to recommend you to friends and colleagues; the inspection you made for us was a most enjoyable and educational experience! best, -Andy”

“Great, thanks very much Steve! Excellent inspection yesterday; I hope we don’t have to see you again; at least not for several years! -Liz”

“Thanks for the inspection report. It was much appreciated. I may have some questions as I go through it, but I just wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how much we appreciated your time yesterday. You were very professional throughout, and also very thorough. And, most importantly, you took the time to explain everything in a manner I could understand. I will recommend you to anybody that ever asks me about a Home Inspection. You did an amazing job and helped me make one of the most important decisions of my life a very easy one. Thanks again. -Michael G.”

“Thanks Stephen!  Are there any areas of MA you don’t cover?  I have some friends that are starting out the whole house search and would love to recommend you to them. -Michele”

“Stephen, Thank you very much for your professional work and service yesterday, I very much appreciate your approach and delivery. I will be recommending you to others in need of an inspection for sure! -Braden”

“Hi Steve, Thank you for sending us the report. We love the detail in the report and was educational to both of us. If P***** road does not work out we hope to continue to work with you in the future. -Nitin”

“Great, thanks so much Steve! I really appreciate your fast turnaround. And thanks again for the thorough work and your willingness to accommodate family and explain things! Nice to meet you! -Lydia”

“Steve, It was great meeting you too – really appreciate your thorough explanations and timely report follow-up! Warm regards, -Jess”

“Stephen, I just wanted to follow up and say thank you for doing my home inspection last week. As usual, you explained every detail and I will use the information moving forward with improvements, etc. In case you care, we did ask for some additional seller paid concessions and they agreed. Something to take the edge off the unexpected costs. Anyway, we’re moving forward with the house and just wanted to say thanks again for giving me the discount and doing such a great job. All the best, -Mark”

“Hey Steve, Thanks for coming by this morning – you were a tremendous help.  Your knowledge, patience with our questions and professional approach to sensitive issues made our inspection results easier to swallow based on the findings.  Who knows how this transaction will end, but if it does without us owning 9 P*****, we’ll certainly be reaching out to you for any future home inspections we may need. Thanks again for your help, -Rob B.”

“You did a superb job, thank you for your expertise and professionalism. We wouldnt hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs your help. Please feel free to use us as a referral if needed. -Christina”

“Thank you very much for your great work Stephen. We enjoyed meeting you and will definitely recommend you to our friends! -Alyssa”

“Hi Stephen, Thanks for being so thorough and patient with explaining all of this to us, you were terrific!  This report is so clear.  I’m not expecting 99 *** to continue forward, but here’s hoping we can get another house in play and use your services again soon. -Karen”

“Just wanted to say, It was real pleasure meeting you, and if we decide not to go forward on this property, we would most definitely use you for our next inspection. By the way, tell your wife that useless information is the best kind. Thanks again, -katie and joseph”