Inspection Process

Upon arrival the inspection will include:

-Exterior: Roof, chimney, visible flashing, siding, trim, windows, decks, stairs, walkways, driveway, retaining walls and grading. I will walk flat roofs (with permission) that are designed for safe access. Pitched roofs will be viewed with binoculars from the ground.

-Basement: Foundation, floor, visible structural elements, heating and cooling, plumbing and electric. It is the basement portion of the inspection where we spend the most time. It’s here where you’ll find the “nuts and bolts” of the home. It’s also here where I tend to get the best representation of how well the home has been maintained and where the potentially “big ticket” items are located. Important maintenance details will also be reviewed.

-Interior: All rooms will be inspected including kitchen and bathrooms, along with ceilings, walls, floors, random outlets and light fixtures, windows, doors and heat sources. I will also be looking for evidence of leaks and settlement. Advice will be given regarding any potential defects found.

-Attic: Attics that are designed for safe and reasonable access will be entered. Comments will be made regarding insulation, ventilation and visible structure. Many times it is here where I find evidence of potentially serious moisture and venting issues.

Throughout the entire inspection process, I will also be looking for evidence of previous or current wood destroying insect infestation. Should any be found, every reasonable attempt within the scope of the inspection will be made to determine how serious or potentially serious the problem may be and advice will be given regarding the best course of action to be taken.

At the end of the inspection I will answer any lingering questions you may have. I will then send a copy of the report to you via email the same day I conduct the inspection. Remember, you can also retrieve a copy of your report for up to three years by clicking on the tab ‘Retrieve your report here’ and entering the password we provide you.